GTTS Work Force Cucumber is an employment agency that has specialized over the past 10 years in work related to high-wire cucumber cultivation and everything that comes with it.

High wire cucumber cultivation is a specialist, but above all labor-intensive way of growing cucumbers.
The continuity of production and the excellent quality give this way of growing a higher position in the market … as long as the labor factor is well organized!

And we at GTTS can do that!

We deliver fully integrated cucumber specialists in every desired area and each with its own specialty.

Let us think along with you

With a selection of the work


Are you looking for finger-thinner combined with a hygienic way of working to prevent virus spread? With us it is mainly ladies who have made their specialty of this.


Are you looking for people with Qlipr experience, or tomato hooks? We have experience with both.

Crop maintenance

Do you want to break, cut or cut leaves? Do we cut the stem leaves and cut the leaves later in the cultivation? Or are we going to break a leaf due to your cost price calculation?


What is your wish? Best for the plant or just the right sorting? We can do both.


Sorting and packaging with cucumbers is a business in itself. What is class 1, 2 or even 3. What does your customer ask? Working with various casks, various stickers and cards; we can.

Pioneer with us!

Teamwork towards a higher level

We have been working intensively with Green Diamonds for more than 10 years. They are the founder of the total concept of High Wire Cucumber.
We are proud that we have been able and able to pioneer with them to get and keep the crops there at the current level. We have certainly not yet learned and want to improve with our team.

A job for you!

Are you looking for a job and do you think you want to come and learn and work with us, call us! We pick you up in modern buses and bring you home after the job. Do you like the work and your colleagues? Then with us there is the possibility of getting a permanent appointment and / or growing in position, regardless of your nationality.


Are you a grower and do you think we can help you with our experience at your company, we would love to hear from you!

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